Newest book cover art receives great fan feedback

Last week, British publisher Head of Zeus released the cover layout for their UK edition of "The Bones of the Old Ones" by Howard Andrew Jones.

The author posted the image on his website and on Facebook, inviting comments and comparisons with the cover of the previous 2012 US edition (Thomas Dunne Books) done by another artist. We're thrilled to report that fan favor seems to be firmly with Charles and Head of Zeus!

"Bones of the Old Ones" is the Sequel to "The Desert of Souls," which Charles also painted the cover for. There's a review specifically of the cover art of both books at Dark Wolf's Fantasy Reviews.

About "The Desert of Souls" the reviewer says: "I am thrilled with the choice of the UK publisher, because the artwork made by Charles Keegan is a thing of beauty and one of the best book covers I've seen lately."

He continues about "The Bones of the Old Ones": "[The US edition] cover pales in comparison with the artwork made by Charles Keegan for the UK edition. It is more artish, it matches the feeling set by the first cover ... It is the type of book cover I like to see, connected with the story and representing something from the tale, while as an artwork it also has a life of its own."

The UK edition of "The Desert of Souls" is available now. "The Bones of the Old Ones" will be published by Head of Zeus in August 2013.

Bones of the Old Ones HoZ cover.jpg
Desert of Souls HoZ cover.jpg

"Rising Storm" added to paintings portfolio

"Rising Storm" is our newest addition to the portfolio.

Charles was commissioned by the British publisher Head of Zeus to create cover art for the UK edition of the sword and sorcery novel "The Bones of the Old Ones" by Howard Andrew Jones. "Bones" is the sequel to "Desert of Souls," which also sports a Keegan cover.

"Bones of the Old Ones" is scheduled to be released in Great Britain on August 1, 2013.

"Rising Storm"  30 x 22   oil on canvas

"Rising Storm"  30 x 22   oil on canvas

"Desert of Souls" republished in Great Britain with original Keegan cover art

Howard Andrew Jones' medieval Arabian novel "The Desert of Souls" will be republished in April by the new British publishing house Head of Zeus.

Those great guys over there across the pond contacted Charles several months ago to request the use of his painting created for the book's original US publication and to commission a new painting as cover art for the second book in the series. 

The second book, "The Bones of the Old Ones," will be released in the UK in August.

Desert of Souls HoZ cover.jpg

We've got a new website!

Charles Keegan is back! And better than ever!

The new website is still being built, so have a bit of patience with us. But our goal is to soon be cleaned up and ready to face the world. (Gotta hose off all that primordial goo first. Man, that stuff gets everywhere.)

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